Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MD, VA, MD Which Way Do We Go

We are in Columbia near Baltimore, MD. Our son lives in Fredericksburg, VA which is a 100 miles from here.  We were going to take the Beast and stay at a local Coast to Coast Park but we are out of time.  So we will pack up the dog and drive down.  Mind you this is thru DC during the afternoon to arrive about 3 –4 PM.  Just before the major traffic hour.  All hours are just about major anymore.  We will take him our flat screen TV out of the RV.  He’s got the old type TV that he watches rented movies on. This one will be real good for that. We will probably go bowling and then to Golden Corral for dinner.  After that we go back thru DC again just after the rush hour.  Well this is what we got planned. Let’s see what happens.

Thank you for the suggestions on cooking and getting off the water spots on windows.  Now I will  just have to try the suggestions.

We left in the car about 1:30 PM.  Traffic was heavy but moved fast and no traffic jams.  About a 100 miles and we were there about 3:15.  Yes we cruised.  We got to see our 5 year old grandson and mother for about a half hour. We stopped at Toys R Us and got him some Match Box cars. DSC_0007

He got to meet Brandy and was very gentle .DSC_0020 Father/Mother breakup right after his birth and lives with his mother very close to Dad.   So far we get to see him and his Mom every year.  He’s starting to remember us at 5 years old.  We send him post cards and he remembers us and the RV. 

Then we met up with our 33 year old son.  We went to our normal Golden Corral there and pigged out.  They’re steak was really good. 

Then our son wanted to go bowling which we did.  Not saying who won all three games but he was the oldest bowler in our group.

Then it was back to Baltimore and it had started to rain.  Traffic was moving and we got back about 9 PM.  I lasted to about 10 PM and I went to bed.

See ya……………….

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