Thursday, September 1, 2011

History Was Made

If you know me well enough you know I haven’t backed up the computer in a l o n g  time.  I’ve tried but the systems I get aren’t  u s e r  friendly.  I got two to prove it.  The geeks were going to come to our rig and show us but time was running out.  They suggested I get a system called “clickfree” from a vendor here at the Escapade.  OK, what the hell.  What’s another $75 bucks.  I got it and had my computer and 3 TB external hard drive with me while at the booth.  I hooked it all up and volla, it stopped because of an error.  See, that’s why I don’t back up.  I went back to the vendor that sold me the device and they said they would be over to our booth shortly. That never happened because they were busy.  I don’t blame them for making time.  So, in my wisdom I unplugged it and plugged it in again. It worked.  It said that I had a bunch of files of course. It also said that I had over 21 thousands pictures. It took several hours to back up.  History was made……..

See ya………..

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