Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Much To Do In So Little Time

I was up at 5 AM doing the blog, tweaking our schedule on Microsoft Streets & Trips, & etc.  when the sun came out I went out and washed the front end.  A lot of bugs.  Then I cleaned some lower panels on the the Beast to get the major dirt off.  I 'ill wash it another day.  I put the magnets back on the windshield for the Magna Shield. The Beast faces the afternoon sun so what the hell.  I took the magnets off because I thought the windshield would be replaced by now.  That didn’t happen for a variety of reasons.  Anyhow, I just put it all back together quickly and it was better than originally installed but appears to be cut incorrectly still.  I will take my time to install the shade once the new windshield is installed early next month.   DSC_0001


Here are our neighbors.  They’re dead…it’s a cemetery.DSC_0002

Carol’s bro Steven’s stumpy behind us.DSC_0006

Our front yard.DSC_0003

“I don’t care what you do, just don’t take me out of my soft bed.”DSC_0005 

About 11 AM and I had to go inside.  The humidity was to much for me and Carol. The temps and the humidity is expected to be low starting this weekend.  The Beast should be going into the shop early next week for some expert eyes to look at the underneath stuff.

For dinner we went to the Texas Roadhouse with a bunch of relatives.  On the way there we got into traffic and a mean looking sky.DSC_0002-1 DSC_0004

The old guys (40s) are Carol’s bros. The rest are their kids/boyfriends.DSC_0006-1

The comedian on their side of the family.DSC_0018

See ya………………

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