Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6:15 AM Knock Knock

Yep, that’s what time a Newmar tech knocked on our door.  We were ready.  Nothing new about the early bird tech at Newmar. They prepare you ahead of time by sending you paperwork stating just that.  So we went over our warranty list.  About 15 minutes later we packed up the animals and left.

We headed for Shipshewana Market about 35 miles away after stopping at Mickey D’s for breakfast.  We got to the Market just as they were opening.  No problem getting in or parking.  We walked every isle of that flea market.  If you have ever been there you know exactly what I’m talking about.  My feet ended up hurting along with my ankles, my hips and my wallet. We collected a lot of orange things for our January Quartzsite gathering.  These are fun gifts (cheap).  Then we found a nice community park on our way to Elkhart.  We got the cats and dog out on leashes. They had some walking and investigation time, even Carol.  We left there and ended up at the Taco Bell in Elkhart fro lunch.

We then headed for the RV Surplus store.  Nothing there for us.  Then we went down the road a couple of blocks to the other surplus store.  Nothing there but they did give me a big bag of popcorn.  About now I get a call from the Newmar tech.  He said they took care of the ceiling light outages, touch up some outside paint and checked the roof.  He said the roof wrap needs to be replaced and then painted.  I said go for it.  He said they would need the coach for two days and would put all of us up in a hotel.

We went on to where we thought  Camping World was which was at Hart RVs.  Ooops..both were not only closed but gone gone.

We got back to Newmar and they had already moved our Beast backed to it’s sight. They left a note saying to have the coach ready at 6 AM again.

I just don’t think they will have us out of here by close of business Thursday as they originally planned.  I did hear we will try by Friday close of business.  Not sure if we want to wait the weekend for a windshield on Monday.

See ya….

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