Thursday, September 29, 2011

On the Road Again!

Yep, it’s been a week since the last blog.  We have doing some “stuff” and other things that had higher priority. My mind can only hold so much anymore. We are firming up plans for the retooling the RV Driving School for 2012.  It needs a facelift and that’s one of the things we have been working on pretty hard the last two weeks or so. 

Continuing the arranging for the Beast to get updated has been another.  That will start next week with a trip to Spartan chassis and getting the windshield replaced. We also had our “camping” trip last weekend with the relatives which turned out real nice and a lot of fun. 

We just ended our time here at the Gypsy Journal Rally. in Celina, Ohio. It was a little tiring but well worth the laughs with friends. I did one panel discussion, three driving seminars, and two seminars on Alaska in four days.  Carol did Line Dancing everyday and helped out with most of the seminars.  We also ate dinner out at Chinese buffets two nights in a row.  That was the hardest – whew, won’t do that again.  Last night at the last drawing we won a Epson printer.  That was great.

When we got back to the Beast the Magna Shade had blown off again.  The rain didn’t knock over Carol’s potted plant.  It didn’t blow over the little green man who gets blown over a lot.  But that friggin Magna Shade was hanging down on the wipers – not good.  I had to get on a ladder to put it back up for the second time.    $450 and so far I’ve been very disappointed in how the thing is supposed to go on the windshield and stay on.  Even after it was returned from the manufacture and I reinstalled the magnets it still doesn’t work the way they said it would.  So far, I still do not recommend getting this product.

So here we sit, rally over and nothing to do except to enjoy the rainy weather and a little of doing nothing special.  Saturday we plan to move back to Nappanee to pick up a microwave vent part from Newmar.  We plan to stay at their RV park until Tuesday. Tuesday we move to Charlotte, MI to the Spartan factory for a Wednesday appointment.  Then Thursday we move to Elkhart to have our windshield  replaced Friday.  Then Saturday (8 Oct) we don’t know where the hell we will go and really don’t care, we’re full timing on the road.  I think we will be heading south towards Mississippi then Texas.

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