Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On The Road Again

Despite Newmar’s attempt to keep us longer. Here I am at 6AM waiting for Newmar. they came out about 6:15 Am and took our RV.  they said would hae it back by noon.DSC_0002

Well, noon came and gone.  In the mean time I thought it would be time to have a pow wow with the head mucca mucca guy of their service department.  I asked for him and got his right hand man.  Anyhow, all is resolved to both of our likings – kinda.  It was a give and take for future possible repairs to the roof..  Anyhow, we got about $11K worth of warranty work done on our 2007 Beast and it didn’t cost anything.  The Beast came out about 2 PM and we left.  We got 7 miles and had to turn around and go back.  Nothing on our steering wheel (cruise, wipers, etc) worked.  I told them last week after they had worked on some dash gauges that the wheel stuff wasn’t working.  They said they would check it out.  It seemed OK. Anyhow, everybody was gone. I got into the fuses and pushed and pulled on them all.  It started working again.  It must if have a loose wire or fuse.  We got back on the road about 3 PM.  We went 320 miles and ended up in Georgetown, OH at a Cracker Barrel.  Carol’s bro birthday is tomorrow (Wed) and we want to be there in Columbia, Md near Baltimore.

There are a lot of wind mills around Van Wert now. DSC_0015 DSC_0004

And they are still building them.DSC_0017

Got fuel at the Murphy station at Walmart in Van Wert. It was $3.74 and thus worth the extra effort to get into the station. It was pretty tight and not for the faint.

The Beast likes running at night on cool roads.

See ya…..

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