Monday, September 19, 2011

Baltimore Freightliner

Today was get the Beast in for service at Baltimore Freightliner with Carol’s bro, David.

The Beast fit with no problem.  We had to wiggle and waggle and turn to get it aligned up to get it in.DSC_0003

David really is on top of things, literally.  He’s laying on top of the engine while I’m taking the pic inside the coach.  He found two antifreeze leaks which he fixed. He also found one turbo exhaust leak caused by a rotting pipe.  He said he couldn’t fix that because it was not a Cummins part but a Spartan Chassis part.  Being that it was under warranty that Spartan would have to replace this 4’ by 4’ tube/pipe so as not to void the warranty It’s similar to the pipe that he has his hands on.  It’s the second pipe down.DSC_0001

He changed the two fuel filters, oil filter, the air dryer filter and the hydraulic filter, lube, etc. He also serviced the generator.  David said that he liked this chassis and that it was very well built like a bus – heavy duty.  The Cummins engine he said was just ‘OK” being that it was an 2006 and not newer.  He’s a Cat man.  The “Beast” has been fed.  By the Cummins book it said 20K between oil changes.  I will stick with once a year.


So the Beast still has to go to Spartan in Michigan to get a full chassis check out next month.

See ya………………

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