Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Bang!

The bang was the door slamming shut behind me.  The carpet then had a new wet spot from me .  OK, now I’m in the neighbor’s room with dim lights. I feel like a burglar about to get shot and no I did not have my camera! I SLOWLY moved more into the room inch by inch with my eyeballs about to pop out of my head.  I was very wide awake needless to say.  I probably won’t sleep for days after this.  One bed was neat and tidy. The other was ruffled with no bodies dead or alive.  The room key was laying on the table.  Nobody is in the friggin room.  I turned off the TV and exited quickly.  I did not look under the beds nor move the shower curtains.  I’ve seen too many movies for that I my heart wouldn’t have taken it anymore.  Besides my underwear was full.

I went back to the front desk and told them what I did.  They had that you did what look.  We figured that it was a rendezvous meeting of lust.  I went back to room and bed.  It took another hour for my blood pressure to drop to it’s normal “high.” The rest of the night was quiet.

We get a phone call about 7:20 AM saying our rig will be out at noon. We checked out of the room at 11 AM and go to Newmar just down the street.  Noon comes and goes. I call the tech about 1:30. Where’s our rig?  It’s blocked in and we will get it out soon.  About 2:15 it comes rolling out.  The tech leaves very quickly after telling me the paperwork is on the dash.  I read it and hit the roof just about literally. It said that my sat and solar panels caused a roof water leak which was completely false.  I called the tech and burnt his ear off.  The repair order will be rewritten Tuesday correctly and I requested to see the high muckku muckka guy then also.  I’m doing this now because down the road if the roof leaks they will repair it free – period.  I’m laying the foundation for repair work to be done down the road if it’s not repaired properly now under warranty. Nothing less, nothing more.  I hold all manufactures responsible for their workmanship – nothing more nothing less.  WE as RVers have too! The total bill now appears to be about $11K and covered under warranty.  I wonder if Newmar will call Spartan/Cummins and tell them to watch out for me….I hope so…smile…smile…

OK that shot Friday.  What about today Saturday.  We decided to go up to Michigan on business.  It gets us away from Newmar and do a little business at the same time.

Hopkins, Michigan is a nice little town with a great RV park, Hidden RV Resort.  Resort means it starts at $40 bucks and goes up.  Good Sam is $35 and that’s what we got the $35.10 pull into sight with cement pad and lots of nice green grass on a big site.  We had a business dinner which was nice.

This blog was posted on the morning of nine eleven.  I know we all have thought about that day.  Keep thinking about it especially today.  We need not to forget the day that changed the way we think about terrorism.

See ya…..

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