Monday, September 5, 2011

Hydro Hot & Repacking

Love that Hydro Hot. Last night it got down to 52 degrees. I was up at 4 AM local time which is east coast time here in Indiana. I’m still use to the west coast time which is 6 AM.  So, I’m not sure if I’m an early bird or what.  Anyhow, I put the electric side of the hydro hot system on and turned on the furnace (Hydro Hot). About a half hour later the front part of the rig was at 70 degrees.  Love that 50 AMP.  If it gets down into the mid/low 40s the electric side of the hydro hot can’t keep up.  Then I just turn on the diesel side and it works very fine in any temp so far.

Thanks to those that told me about NASCAR. Tuesday AM?

Today I washed the car at the local car wash. Then I unloaded our show stuff from it.  We put it in the car after we tore down our booth at the Escapade Rally.  Now I had to find space underneath for that stuff plus the new PA system we got at Sam’s the other day. Hopefully it will do everything that Carol wants it to do for line dancing.  If not then it goes back to Sam’s.  The guy at Sam’s we got 90 days to check it out and if we don’t like it we can return it to any Sam’s in any state.  Well, I got it all underneath.  I can get to the grill real easy, the stand for it real easy and our two chairs real easy.  Everything else stuff has to be moved for now.  Doing this type of packing is not unusual for a full timer.  Sometimes we get jammed up but we eventually work it out.  Pun intended

Monaco is returning here to Nappanee .  Here is their main Hq building. That they closed down several years ago. They expect to be moved from Oregon and up and running within 90 days I was told.DSC_0001-1

Here is the transport company that I worked for several years.  They are just down the street from Monaco. They will be glad that Monaco is returning.DSC_0002-1

Tomorrow we see a tech at 6 AM then they take our rig inside the building and we don’t see it until 3 PM.  Now you know why I emptied the car out.  Carol,  me, one dog and two cats are stuck together for 9 hours.

See ya……

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