Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6 AM Hello

“Hello, I’m here to pick up your RV.”   That’s how we were greeted at 6AM.  I asked this person why nothing on my steering wheel worked (wipers, cruise, etc). He said he didn’t know, “I’m just the driver.” He got the tech who in turn would check it out.  I think they blew a fuse yesterday when checking on one of the air gauges that quite working.  The tech also said he would ensure that we would get a room for two nights and for us to check in with service office when they open at 8 AM.  Ok, we can do that.

8 AM we are at the service office.  We were told that they got us a room for two nights and that we would have to pay the $25 for pets.  Grumble, grumble…. then we were told that we couldn’t check in until 3 PM.  I was pissed and they knew it.  How dumb!  OH well – we have limited choices about now and it’s kinda free.

We have two cats and a dog in our car.  Thank goodness it was cool (60s) outside. First we went to Menards to look around. Then we went to Dollar Tree and picked up some ORANGE items for our January get together in Quartzsite.  Of course Walmart was next.  I needed some shoes because I think I wore out my shoes at Gillette.  My shoes weren’t made for walking and I found that out.  Now I got some Old Fart Shoes.  You know, Dr Scholls, solid black and very plain looking. During this delicate process I got a call from our Newmar Tech.  He said it would cost $2,700 to replace our cracked windshield and couldn’t get the windshield in until next week.  I tried to explain to him it would be an insurance claim but it just didn’t click.  I told him not to order it and I would be back next month.  I said just go ahead and fix the listed items. He said probably Friday. I’m thinking  at close of business they bring the coach out and immediately take off for the weekend.  That’s what Tiffin did to us one time and it was a mistake.  We had a major problem that they didn’t do an operational check on and it failed when I did. I called Bob Tiffin at home and told him what I thought of his workers. Too bad it was on his voice mail.  Monday 1st thing we had them waiting in line to fix our couch.

Anyhow…….back to today. 

OK, now what.  Hey lets go see Nick & Terry.  It’s after 12 o’clock and they should be up & awake and they were.  Our dog had to take a poo anyhow.  I visited Greg & Jan while Carol visited Nick & Terry.  Then I went over with Carol.  Barbara and Tye Dye husband Tom came over. We swapped stories until we couldn’t make them up anymore.  It was great – thanks guys.

We found a church with a big lot and let the animals out on leash. Then we headed back to Nappanee to our motel.  We checked in.  They gave us a room very far from their main lobby.  If we were any further from it we would have to set up a tent.  Now get this.  The room came with ear plugs because the motel is across the street from an active train tracks.  “Now that there is funny I don’t care what you say.” I’m not sure, but our TV might be a tube type.

The animals really enjoy running around the large room, Carol too! Good thing they had twin doubles.  One for me and one for Carol and the animals?!

Tomorrow we will…….sleep in…

See ya….

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