Saturday, September 17, 2011

New TV

It was time to change the TV out.  My brother in law Steven just love’s to tear other people’s “stuff” apart.  The difference is that he can put it back together better than it was.  Plus he likes spending other people’s money – mine.  So, we took the measurements and went to Sam’s.  We picked out a Phillips 32’ LED (not LCD).  Got it back and went to work, mostly him.  I was the gopher. Carol was gone so we weren’t neat as you can see.DSC_0001

Plus we installed the WII.  We were able to use the old mounting bracket which saved a lot of Steven’s energy and me heart burn.  We even hooked up  the TV HDMI with a cable to the computer.  That is so cool to plug the computer into a 32’ screen.  The photo slideshow is outstanding.  The color with the LED screen is really great.  Carol loves it.  Happy woman is a happy man!!!!!!!!  We (me) even cleaned up the place. It took several hours for that.  Work 10 minutes and rest for 50.  It’s a Husband’s Union thing!DSC_0002 DSC_0004

It’s tight and the screen is 100% visible.  This TV is in for the long haul…

The rest of the day I had to watch NASCAR racing to make sure it was OK.

See ya…….

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