Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did Nothing

We’re at the hotel paid by Newmar.  To bad they don’t have room service here.   I slept in until about 6 AM.  What can I say. We did the “What If” game.  What if the Beast isn’t ready tomorrow then what? Do we go to Baltimore mid week when they would probably finish or do we stick around here until the Gypsy Journal Rally.  If we stick around here we can get the windshield replaced and even go up to Michigan to Spartan to have the chassis checked out/adjusted. If the Beast is ready by COB (close of business) tomorrow (Friday) we will head for Baltimore and stay just shy of two weeks. Then we go to the Gypsy Journal Rally  back in Ohio.  Then take care of the windshield & Spartan afterwards.  That means about early October we will be ready to roll where ever.

These are the types of situations that full timers get into and not by choice necessary.  Sometimes we want to get “stuff” taken care of so we can go where we want when we want fully.  We are still bringing the Beast up to par so that does play a part of our “should do now” schedule.  When we go to Baltimore we will get the Beast serviced by Carol’s bro.  He’s a diesel mechanic at Freightliner Baltimore. He’s an outstanding mechanic and an RVer.

Anyhow, we just pigged out today.  Went to a Chinese all you can eat buffet for $5 bucks.  Then a take out pizza from Pizza Hut for $10 bucks for dinner.  We also stopped at the Dollar Store and got some cheap snacks for tonight.  Of course we ate most of them between lunch and dinner.

Oh and the rain came today off and on.

Not much of anything today just vegging..

See ya……

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