Friday, September 9, 2011

Hotel Room & A Bang!

OK, we’re in a hotel room and you can just about expect disturbances.  Our neighbor in the room next to us must be just about deaf.  Their TV was loud.  If we had ours on then theirs wasn’t hardly heard. Come about 12:30 AM I couldn’t sleep because of their TV. I complained to management. They called them no answer. They knocked on their door with no answer.  I banged on the wall no results.  Now it’s about 2 AM and it’s still turned up all the way.  I pleaded with the front office in person to do something and they said they couldn’t. They did offer us another room but I declined.  Why the hell should we move when we weren’t doing anything.  I went back to our room. Then I went to the neighbor’s door and tried the handle. It was unlocked. What should I do? I opened the door very slow.  No one could here me because of the loud TV.  I peeked in around the door.  It was dark. I saw the TV setting on the dresser.  I couldn’t really see much more.  The dim light in the room hallway was on.  the only other light was from the TV.  The bathroom was dim and appeared to be empty.  I figured I would just go in and turn down the TV.  The entrance door was an automatic type that would close behind you. No thanks! I held the door open and stretched as far as I could with my arm extended. I still could only see about half the room. I was really stretching out to see more when it happened. BANG!

To be continued………

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