Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tight Schedule

I have already made tentative appointments after the Gypsy Journal Rally.  One is for 8 AM Monday 3 October with Master Tech RV in Elkhart, IN.  They will be replacing our windshield.  I say tentative because I have to call GEICO and put a claim in.  Then call Master Tech and tell them to order the glass about a week ahead of time.  I already gave Master Tech the paperwork.  Then that following Wednesday (5 Oct) I made an appointment with the Spartan chassis manufacture. I want them to go over the chassis while it is under warranty which will include a ride height check.  Also, they got some tech bulletins to update the coach.  Two are tag axle brakes and bearings which I’ve had/have some problems with.  Also, replace the Turbo exhaust pipe. Then we will probably meet Carol’s bro, Steven, somewhere during his 10 day vacation the week of the 9th (Oct) or the following week, maybe in Mississippi.   We have a Boot Camp to do in Livingston, TX starting 4 November.  We  will have some business to catch up on during October also.  We just don’t know where it will take place.

This schedule is of our doing just like it is for a lot of full time RVers.  Some of it is out of necessity (windshield) and some out of “let’s do it now.” That would be the Spartan chassis. Some of it’s let’s have some fun like being with Carol’s bro on his vacation.  We call that “speed RVing”.  He has just so little time to do a lot in.  Then we take a vacation after his vacation and rest.  It’s fun or we wouldn’t do it.

See ya……

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