Sunday, October 31, 2010


I too have gained a little weight in my upper torso since Carol has been gone.  Must be those little pills I thought were for a headache.   DSC_0177


We had a little get together.  Mark cooked up something I can’t spell or pronounce other than Mexican. He brought his sister Gail (no pic) and Neil and Pat came and Denny & Susie of course.DSC_0181

We all are pro’s at having a get together.DSC_0182

Just friends sharing a good time - - again.DSC_0183

And then everyone departed.  It was perfect weather and not one bug.  Maybe they didn’t like the alcohol or Mark’s food.DSC_0184

We will get together again this Wednesday with a few more additional people for smoked pulled pork butt. Say that three times fast.  Did you really try to say that three times?

We don’t say good bye but rather say - - -

See Ya

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