Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Cold – Time To Leave….

I got up this morning at 4:15 AM.  Nothing real unusual about that for me.  This is when I work on “stuff” like the Escapees Boot Camp driving lessons scheduled for early November.  I work on schedules for going to Pomona later this week.  I also look at our Alaska schedule and just do some general dreaming.  I read Nick’s blog and do our own blog. Then about 5:30 AM or so if nothing got me interested I go back to bed for an hour or so.  This is pretty routine for me.

This morning when I got up I noticed it was a we bit chilly like in 48 degrees outside.  I turned on one of the heat pumps.  These things are great.  They do eat electricity but don’t smell and they aren’t as loud as the furnace heat.  We very very seldom run the furnace heat. I test them (2) ever so often and that’s about it.

Remember when we had steaks the other night and had left overs.  I fix my own breakfast of champions.DSC_0001


OK. I started out rewiring my CB radio this morning.  It’s a real nice radio with a 100 watt kicker.  Hey, if you are going to run with the big boys you got to sound like a big boy……….DSC_0005

The Freightliner dashboard electronics didn’t like my wiring into the ignition.  Every time I would talk on the CB the wipers would come on.  It was great in the rain. Then my brother in law the Freightliner mechanic said I better not talk on it no more until I rewired it.  So, I wired into the back of a 12V dash socket.  It seems to work OK.  The wipers don’t come on. Guess I will fined out down the road.  Since I was under the dash I removed the wiring for my Wilson Kick But Amp and all the wires that go with that. DSC_0004

Then I rolled up the cable from the Wilson Trucker Antennae and put that in an upper compartment. I then removed the aftermarket carpet around the doorway entrance. We were putting carpet on top of tile then carpets on it.  It just didn’t make sense. It goes in the “barn”. Since I got a lot of little tools out I thought I would go for it.  I took out the ice maker and installed a new one.  It was a little #%&*# but I finally got it out.  I guess I have to wait several hours to see if the new one works.  Left over “stuff” to put away with my other stuff to put away in the barn from my movie/seminar screen workings. It’s so nice to put “stuff” in a pile in the barn and say I will put the “stuff” away when I feel like it on another day.DSC_0003

It was a hard day for all.  This was the first time that these animals laid so close together.  I got a quick picture of them. Patches, the mostly black cat, is laying in the dog bed.DSC_0012

The ice maker did one dump so maybe I installed it right.

See ya…………

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