Saturday, October 16, 2010


When an RVer does this it’s criminal that’s all there is to it.  Maybe that’s one reason why it costs $66 a night here.  Sights are very tight, turns are tight and it’s understandable about having to cut corners but this was NO accident – idiot!


Here’s our sight.  One sight next to us has been empty so far.DSC_0003

Here’s our booth.  That’s our new yellow wagon.  We really need it because of the sound and projector, etc. that I have to use each day for the seminars.DSC_0004

The vendor tent.DSC_0005





The seminar tent.DSC_0010



So, that’s about it for a Saturday at the RVIA Pomona Show.  We went out to a local small restaurant for dinner.  It’s a little Ma Pa place that we go to several times each year we have been here. I tried to talk to Bob Tiffin today but he had a bunch of people around him.  Tomorrow I will try to catch him before the show opens up.

See Ya…………….

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