Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ooooops There Goes Another One

There goes another one.  Computer.  I did one PowerPoint presentation today and was trying to set up for my second.  The computer just wouldn’t respond.  It got worse from there.  Now it won’t boot up.  I did the seminar without the PowerPoint.  Back at the coach I had the original start up disc – it still wouldn’t boot up.  I guess I will have to wait tell I run across Jon or Larry to check it out.  Then I have my little Acer. The problem with it is that it don’t hook up to the projector. The projector searches but can’t find the Acer.  I still have my work computer so I will use it.  I will have to spend an hour or so to change/update the two PowerPoint's that I changed for here at Pomona. Tomorrow AM I will back up my work computer because I will use it with the projector – just in case.

Meanwhile…here’s what some vendors did today about 4:30 PM.  Hey, when there are no attendees around we try out each other’s products first hand.  This vendor tried out the electric bike.  He enjoyed it a lot but $1K was too much. DSC_0002  DSC_0001DSC_0003

As much rain as we have been having we might try out the fold up boats before this is all over.

Carol’s brother called.  Their Mom (82 yrs old) is in the hospital in Maryland having emergency tests ran.  We are in the ready mode if need be.  We have a plan A,B,C and D ready to put in action depending on test results. Right now we are just waiting doing the “what if”  which can be nerve racking in itself.  This is all part of being a full timer and being a modern age gypsy.  The good part is that you can be any place in the U.S. with today’s airlines. If Carol needs/wants to fly back to Maryland she goes that’s all there is to it. Everything else is secondary and can be worked out.

See ya……………..

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