Thursday, October 21, 2010


Carol’s at her Mom’s in Maryland.  Her Mom ended up having pneumonia but is home and doing OK.

I’m feeding the animals.  I put dog food in the dog’s dish and I noticed the cats were setting around watching.  Very, very unusual.DSC_0004 

Then Rainbow went over and started to eat the dog food.  She had never done this before – weird.  I double checked and realized that I fed the dog the cat food. duhhhh – no wonder why the cats wanted some.DSC_0008


Does it ever stop raining here?  Seven days now. It wasn’t suppose to rain starting today but it started raining again anyhow.  Who’s in charge of this.DSC_0005

It’s getting a little hectic but it won’t get too bad until Sunday.  It’s going to be a fast acting day from about 9:30 AM until about midnight.  Hopefully I will be able to pull out of here about 7 PM and make it to Quartzsite for the night.  I’m gonna try and meet up with Bill & Joyce in Las Cruces Monday evening.  They are computer geeks and I need one bad.

See ya.

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