Monday, October 18, 2010

Rain Again

It rained last night and it started off with it this AM. I forget to mention yesterday I was trying to see Bob Tiffin while he was here.  Between him being surrounded by people and me doing my seminars I never got to catch up with him.  I guess I will call him later this month.  We are already scheduled to go back to Red Bay (Tiffin) in December.  All I have to do is call them on Friday to go in the following Monday.  We need to get some work done and they are covering it still under warranty even though the coach is 2 1/2 years old.  NO other manufacture does that.  This is what Tiffin’s are known for – they take care of their owners – in and out of warranty.

OK..Somebody asked me how much this KOA was a night and it’s $66 a night during the show.  I don’t pay for it and never would. I know – never say never.

Hey, Harrell Hicks fell off a ladder and broke his left wrist pretty good.  I thought he was tall enough that he didn’t need a ladder.  What’s with these people falling off things and breaking their wrists like Susie, Don and now Harrell.  Is this a club or something that I don’t know about.  Well, being a Marine, when I fall I make sure to fall on my head.  It’s the hardest thing I got anymore  -- smile…

The show closes at 6 PM.  This was at 5 PM.DSC_0001


Our little set up…DSC_0003

Free advertising for Boot Camp/Escapees.DSC_0004

This Vancouver Is. brother/sister came down and are en route to Bakersfield for an antique auto show.  The car is 1947 Austin with a Chevy V6 with a cam and a two four barrel ram air set up. I was so focused on the car I forgot to ask about the old trailer.DSC_0005

Cats love playing in this type of stuff.  They wait (kinda) their turn to get in.DSC_0006


The RV salesman are a little bored during the week.  One approached Carol while she was looking at the 2011 Monaco’s.  Yes, 2011 Monaco’s. They’re rolling off the assembly line and up for business. Go Navistar – new owners.  Anyhow, this salesman remembered Carol from last year. We look every year. He showed us a coach last year but Carol didn’t like it – it was a 42 footer but she liked it otherwise.  Well, he said he would look around and see if he could find us another upper coach – slightly used and all that.  It’s a buyer market.  Somebody has to tell these dealers that because they seem not to know that.  They appear to be selling the heck out of travel trailers and 5th wheels but slow in the big class A’s.  Tiffin and Winnebago both have come out with a jazzy looking new class A.  Low profile about 30 foot or so and diesel.  Pretty good looking coaches.

Anyhow, the weather is suppose to be the same tomorrow – wet……..

Harrell, I got some duck tape and ice cream sticks and I can fix that wrist of yours.  Do what the doc says and get better soon.

See ya………….

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