Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simple Day

Another simple day.  I went to Lowe’s and got a good deal on a garden wagon.  It was listed for $90. the girl asked if I wanted the assemble one or the box one.  I asked how much for each.  she said the assembled one was $10 less.  I said I would take that one.  Plus another 10 per cent for being a veteran.  They forgot to do it at the register so I will go back tomorrow and ask for it. I got it back and had to take it apart to get it to fit in the RV.  We will need it at the RVIA Pomona Show.  Carrying and putting up seminar/sound equipment everyday for 10 days gets old real quick when you have to carry it back and forth each day.  The wagon fits the bill.DSC_0002

This is part of the equipment plus the sound “stuff”.DSC_0003

While I was at Lowe’s I got some smaller do dads to raise the height of the mud flap on the RV. I raised it about a half of inch.  I would like to raise it about another half of inch which would be max height.  The closer to the ground the more gravel it will kick up on your tow behind.  Thus you raise it with do dads.  With Alaska in mind I decided to raise it now before I forget.

Next on the agenda wash to wash the rig.  So when the sun started to set down behind the trees which was about 5:30 PM I washed the rig.  Then I dried it as much as I could without jumping on a ladder.  It took about 2 hours.  I got another hour on the windows and water spots to clean.  Then I go for the wheels.  That will probably take another  hour plus some.  Plus I got to put some protective “stuff” on the Diamond Shield (front end). I just don’t get why everybody loves that stuff.  I think it’s a rip and a lot of extra time to keep it very clean.  Bugs ruin it pretty quick.  Kinda defeats the purpose of protecting the front end.  I would never buy it again and would prefer not to have it even if given free.  It’s just a hassle.

See Ya……………..

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