Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tire, Screen & Friends

Today was pretty good.  I went to Tractor supply and bought a tire ($50) for the golf cart.  then went and had it mounted for $5 at a tire place.  Frank & Marlene were there getting tires for their trailer.  It cost them a lot more than $50 for their tires.  I went back to the lot and installed the tire on the golf cart.  The cart rode straight and no more wiggle.DSC_0001

Then I completed my portable Seminar/Movie Screen.  PVC pipe, movie screen material ($) and no glue. Not bad for a rookie.  Frank did help me with some ideas.  I plan to use this in a tent outside in the day time at the RVIA Pomona Show in a few weeks.  I really want to give a power point presentation both on RV driving and preparing for Alaska. It’s not as good if done with erase board which I have done the past several years. I do two seminars a day for 10 days.  I really enjoy doing them and meeting new people. Plus we have a booth.  We walk to the show each day about a 100 yards.  The RVIA folks provide us a campsite at the KOA next door. DSC_0002

Tonight we had steak.  I flamed broiled them pretty fast but left them on just a little too long. They ranged from medium rare to medium.  Hey, they were good and we haven’t had any steak for a long time.  That’s Carol’s on the left.  These were Ribeye and NY Strip.  DSC_0006

I guess Frank and Marlene smelled them so they came over.  DSC_0005

Then we had a drive by visitor.  Bruce came over near the end of dinner.  We gave him table scraps which he enjoyed tremendously being single again.

We fixed the world problems again and said “See Ya” again.

See Ya…………………

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