Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy Doing Little Things

Wed, Thur, Fri, & Sat – sorry just doing little things to include having fun and just ran out of time.  In other words – just kinda of tired.  The four chapter Escapees rally in Montgomery, TX was really a success. There were 70 rigs in that KOA which was nice and the facilities were very nice.  Normal price was $44 but we paid $27 which was OK for this event.  Joe & Kay Petersen and Bud & Cathie Carr even showed up for a day. Bud and Cathie took the stage and received some questions.  They got beat up more than anything with questions about Rainbow’s End mainly. It seemed like the members focused on the things that were only important to them and not the club. 

The datastorm (internet) got fixed with Steve O’Bosky’s help via phone of course.  It was a computer thing – theirs.  Denny & I fixed the slide topper awning – a bolt had backed out. I fixed the MCD front electric shades with MCD’s help over the phone.  It was a computer hick up or something but there back working again. The chipped windshield was fixed by a windshield repair guy while at the rally. Then the rally was over. Saturday morning I departed at 7AM.  I got fuel at the nearby Walmart for $2.81 (diesel).  It’s about $2.89 in most the areas I seen getting back to Livingston.  As I arrived at Rainbow’s End their were Mark and his troops waiting to weigh me.  Escapee’s are in the test mode of weighing.  They had a cement slab poured and got scales to do this with.  Well, I’m over weight on both axles and my gross. That’s with the appropriate tanks filled or empty.  In the past I have talked to Freightliner about axles and their gross carrying capacities.  I was told that the tires are the weakest link on an axle for a motorhome and that it becomes more of a liability than a safety issue.  Also federal laws concerning weights come into play such as bridges, roads, etc.  I have Load range H tires (275X80X22.5) which means I’m well within the tire capacities by 5K in the rear and 2K in the front. I always carry 10 lbs more than the weight charts say to carry for my weight. These tires can go to 120 lbs which is high.  It’s hard to find a place that would pump them that high even at a truck stop.  I run 95 lbs PSI and that gives me an extra 500 lbs to 1K lbs higher carrying capacity than the rating.  53.6K miles and the tires are looking good – sidewalls and tread.  The dates on the tires are Mar 08 if anybody cares besides me.

Dealers…At the Pomona Show I got the feeling that things are turning back to normal. Dealers wanted to give low trade in values and sell high. The ones I were trying to deal with wanted to steal our coach and we pay high for their coach.  Last year they were a lot more generous and wanted to make a little money on each.  Now they want to make a killing on each.  Thus, things are returning back the way it was before the big RV slump.  They called our coach high mileage so they couldn’t give much on trade in.  Now when they sell it they say, “Hey, it’s in real nice condition, kept up very well and it’s a diesel anyways and don’t matter.” What a friggin racket, same ole same ole.  Screw them because we don’t have to sell our coach and won’t. Besides, we just about got every bug out of this Farton and then some.  Plus, what would I have to complain about? It really is a nice coach.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will start getting back into the picture taking business.  We are having a Cajun party – I think.

See Ya……………….

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