Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the Rain Starts

It wasn’t suppose to rain tell Monday but it started last night and did all day today (Sunday).  The people still came out.  It was a hard drizzle most of the time.  We had to load the car up with our “stuff” to take over in the morning.  I’ve been told that electronics and water don’t mix well.  It’s about a 10 minute walk with a wagon and that’s too long in the hard drizzle.  I got a special park pass to park nearby.  I also was able to drive right up to the seminar tent and our booth before the gates opened.  So, it wasn’t that bad.  The attendance at my two seminars during the day wasn’t that bad, just a little down. Activity at our booth was a little slow but again not bad all things considered.  We have had people come by from previous years and say HI.  I have some followers for my seminars each year.  They said they enjoy the “fun” they have listening/watching me.  I guess that’s pretty cool.  We also had a few people that have attended our Quartzsite gatherings show up here and say HI.  They wanted to know if we are doing it again this January and of course the answer is yes.  If any reader wants to attend send me an email for details.  Basically it will be held 28-29 January (Friday/Saturday) and the same spot for the last three years hopefully.

I didn’t take any pictures of the rain.  I figured you all know what it looks like.  We have a creek running thru our booth and I will take some tomorrow.  The running water keeps our shoes clean.  We don’t have any inventory in boxes like a lot of the other vendors do so it’s no big deal for us.

See Ya…………..

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