Friday, October 15, 2010

Show’s First Day

Today was RVIA’s opening day.  It was OK and not a door smasher by any means.  I did my two seminars and had about 25 plus people at each one.  It was pretty good.  We are getting to meet new vendors which is pretty cool along with the old crowd.  The vendor count appears to a be a little less than last year.  I forgot my camera and didn’t realize it till we got back to coach. 

The RV salesman caught me as the show was ending today.  He said that we weren’t close on our offer on the used rig.  I just said “oh well!” He immediately responded with that they would work on the price some more.  I reminded him of our price so forth and so on……hey, we don’t have to buy – it’s a buyer market and we know it…

The temps are OK and they are suppose to drop down to the 70s next week.

see ya…………..

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