Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On The Road – of course!

It was 38 degrees when we we got up at 7 AM this morning.  Yes, I slept over/in.  We pulled out about 8AM and headed for the I HOP in Ft Stockton.  We got there and the son of gun was closed for renovations.  Darn.  We went on down the road and had breakfast at Micky Ds.  Hey, there were no restaurants open except for Mexican and I wasn’t ready for a Mexican breakfast. I think they might have been open.DSC_0084 DSC_0087 DSC_0088

This is Chuy’s at the above place/exit.  It looks like a very neat place to eat and have fun looking at the “stuff.”  I have heard people say to stop but they were closed – no breakfast.DSC_0090

Yep, you know when you are heading west because the border inspection stations start to appear.DSC_0091

South of El Paso…Mexico - no thanks..DSC_0095

When you get out of El Paso (I-10 west) you will run past a very large cow place.  Hopefully the wind is blowing away from you.  It stinks something bad.DSC_0096

Leaving Las Cruces (I-10 west) and going up a big hill you will see the road runner.  Stop at the rest area and go see this thing up close – it’s made up of “things” and “stuff”. It’s cool….DSC_0100

Another ID border patrol check.DSC_0101

This guy was walking next to the road.DSC_0104

Everybody should go here at least once in their travels.  We went about 15 years ago.DSC_0105

Here we are after about 180 miles.  FHU 50 AMP for $17.43 at the Escapees Park.DSC_0106

We went to K-Mart and Wal-Mart to do a little shopping.

We filled up with fuel in Livingston and twice since.  the last was in Anthony (El Paso) and fuel was $2.97.  With three fill ups the coach has averaged 8.8 MPG running about 1600 RPM which is about 61/62 MPH.  Heading west I consider that real good.

Tomorrow we got 475 miles to do to get to Quartzsite and our favorite spot (one of them).  I’m thinking about getting the RV washed and dried at Blue Beacon tomorrow for $55.  We got to stop and get fuel also so we can go into California with a pretty full tank of fuel.

See Ya………..

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