Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Sunday went pretty well.  I tried to pull out of our site at the KOA after the show was over.  It was tight but I went S L O W.  Had to back up three/four times but made it.  I left Pomona a little after 6 PM and got to Quartzsite later that evening(225 miles). I wanted to get away from LA. The next day was an adventure.  The datastorm (my internet) couldn’t find the sat thus no blog. Then I put in the slideouts. One of the toppers wouldn’t roll up.  So I jerry rigged it so it would stay rolled up but lost the future use of the slide out – no bigee. Then the front MCD front solar shade wouldn’t roll up (electric).  So I rolled it up and tied it up and it’s hanging from the fans. Then I was able to leave Quartzsite about 7 AM damaged some but rolling.  Going down the road I got a chip in the window.  I still managed to get 750 miles in and arrive at a hidden rest area at Balmorhea, TX. Monday was an adventure like I said.  The next day, Tuesday was great.  Drove about 525 miles and arrive at Montgomery, Texas for the Escapees all Texas Rally (4 Chapters).  It’s great.  Gotta go have fun and do a few repairs.

See Ya…………..

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