Thursday, April 1, 2010

Same Construction Crap Today

On a good note I like my new Demco Tow Bar and car base plate.  The Tow Bar is the top of the line Demco and it looks and operates like it is.  It’s easy to handle, the cables run with the bars as does the electrical cord.  It’s not like the others in that every piece is independent of others.  The Demco Dominator works as one piece of equipment. I haven’t been able to hook up the motorhome to the car yet because of the on going construction – ops, there goes my blood pressure.

Yes, today is April Fool’s Day and I am one fool for putting up with this kind of work ethics.

Construction was to be all completed by this past Wednesday, then Thursday and now tomorrow morning (Friday).  No way in hell. After the construction crew took a 2 1/2 hour lunch today I had to say something about meeting their time obligations to the supervisor.  Gee, he took offense to that and said I was spying on him.  I live here!  He threaten to walk off the job.  Well, excuse me for expecting them to work during work hours specially since they are past their completion date. This was far from the first time of long breaks and early departures.  They have not put in one eight hour day of work since they started.  If they weren’t paid in full I would have lit a fire under their ass that would have made the devil himself squeal forgiveness.  They give the hard working construction workers a bad name for sure.

I expect early next week to be 100% done the construction.  You asked why did I pay them in full.  It had to be spent by 1 April for Medicaid purposes.  Believe me, I would never ever had paid anyone in advance.  The friggin federal  government (Medicaid) required it.

Oh, our brand new car now has a ding in the door from some uncaring person who does not respect other peoples property.  It’s getting time to leave………Carol & I both have got the itch now…usually it’s just me.


Who’s the driver……

See Ya……………..

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