Friday, April 9, 2010

Pick Up & Move It Day

We left the Lot and went to pick up our daughter and her new husband down in Houston.  They flew in from San Diego.  A few trips around the airport and we finally caught up with them.  Airport security won’t let you park and wait for passengers.  You have to drive around the airport until they are standing on the curb.

But earlier that morning are new neighbors arrived, kinda.  Their house arrived and was moved in. It’s a two piece Lincoln log type thing.  They moved it in the spot with a remote control baby dozer.  It was neat.  Hey kids, keep playing with those remote control games – you do have a job in the future with them.DSC_0015

Here’s the guy walking the back side of the house in between those trees.  Our place is to the right behind those trees.DSC_0018

Here’s are mini barn with the workers.  Two hard workers with no supervision or guidance. I’m not going there.  My blood pressure is very high.DSC_0020

The left lower wall is painted Carol’s poo poo brown. Hey, that’s what she wanted and that’s what she got.  She’s happy so I’m happy!DSC_0025

We ended up taking the kids and Mom Hill to Florida's for dinner.  Jeff, our new son in law, really loves their catfish.  He couldn’t eat the complete meal but he sure did put a dent in it.

See Ya…………………..

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