Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Saw What!

There are rumors going around saying I was doing manual hard labor with these tools. Rumors are hard to die.  Can you find the long legged rat in the picture?DSC_0001

See how the dirt is away from the side.  It was like this in the front also.  Then the Easter Bunny visited.DSC_0006

Someone (Beth Roberts) said that they saw me move the dirt and build a dirt ramp here in the front.  Boy is she mistaken.  She must have eaten to many chocolate eggs. I think she saw the Easter Bunny digging and moving the dirt – not me.  She should have taken pictures of that bunny. Either that or cut back on the meds or share.DSC_0005

Carol on the back porch.  Nice shoes…….  the flowers are OK too I guess.DSC_0003

The extra porch has been attached and it really looks good.  Party time……….This is the porch that was attached to Mom Hill’s trailer over at the CARE facility. Hey, we got blue tarp all over the yard and the golf cart has a flat.  Time to put it up on blocks.  Aren’t we looking good especially with a dishwasher up on the front porch too. Where’s that dear head I can hang up?DSC_0004  

           First thought - a diaper with a full load.DSC_0008

          I live in a haze and this is what I see.DSC_0002

This is one happy cat.  She found the smell of a dead snake. She laid like this for six days……..DSC_0009

See Ya………………..

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