Saturday, April 24, 2010

Music, Food, Music, and More Food

At 7AM in the morning we are standing in line waiting to get into the Cafe Des Amis in Beau Bridge, LA.  I hope the hell they got good cheap food for me to wait in line much less at 7AM.  Well, the doors opened at 7:30 and the six of us were seated.  The food was not cheap $8-10 range and as we later found out it wasn’t the greatest. I would rate it as fair at best.  Other than that it was one hell of a hoot!!!!!!!!!.  I found my shuffling, bouncing, ass kicking dancing music in the sounds of Zydeco.  Can you tell I like it?  We even bought a CD and it sounds real good in the new car stereo system.  Now I am one of THOSE people that have their music thumping and the windows are shaken people.  I found my thrill on blueberry hill or really at Cafe Des Amis.DSC_0001 

We were among the first 50 or so to get in.  We ended up as far as you could get in the back and still be classified as being in the Cafe. It was fine. We were next to the safe and the rest rooms. that was interesting in itself.DSC_0004

The bar opens at 7:31 and filled up instantly.DSC_0005

The tables filled up instantly also.  Hard to say which one filled up first.  Anybody for a Bloody Mary with their Et Tou Faye or what ever it’s called.DSC_0018

Tommie Sue was even getting down or something.DSC_0012

Then she realized what she was doing in front of these youngins.  Still not sure what she was doing though.DSC_0019

Hey, art all over the walls and it wasn’t actually on the walls.DSC_0020

Their safe was right behind us between the restrooms.  When you think about it, it is in a very “safe” place. DSC_0022 

Caught this cutie on her dad’s shoulder..and she was dancing too!DSC_0033

And they danced the morning away….the band was in the front window and played Zydeco constantly.  They had a fancy wash board and squeeze box in the band.DSC_0036

Time to show off my orange “stuff”.DSC_0053

Molly was getting their car ready for their hook up and departure after a lively breakfast.  Someone needs to tell Molly that she should put the gloves on before she starts her work.  Betty is in the background thinking, “I hope they come back real soon, their fun.”


and they ride off for their next adventure – the Tiffin Factory.


Then Carol and I went back to Surie’s for a Cajun lunch.  We napped the afternoon away.  Then it was dinner time.  Hey, being we were leaving tomorrow there was only one thing to have for dinner to finish off our stay in Cajun country – boiled crawdads I mean crawfish.  We got some hot crawfish down the road.  They were $13 for 5 lbs.  We brought them back and ate them outside.  Carol ate about a lb and I had to force myself to eat the rest of course.  Oh what a way to finish.DSC_0088

Thanks Betty for being our tour guide for us and our friends.  “Job well done.” thank you…

See Ya again for sure……..

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