Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Play Toy

I got a Troy Built 2600 PSI power washer recentily. Today I got to figure out how it works and what not to do with a power washer.  It was pretty simple to put together so that was nice.  I got it up and running on the first pull on the Honda motor and now what to wash.  The golf cart.  It cleaned that mold right off the canvas.  Then I thought I would used the maximum spray tip to get the tuff spots.  I used it for about 10 seconds.  It made some tears in the canvas so that was not the right tip and went back to the medium tip.  The golf cart cleaned up real good.  I felt like a loose cannon stalking for other things to shoot.  Next was the rusty metal umbrella table.  My son in law has been sanding on it for a couple of hours. The power washer (medium tip) didn’t do as good as the sanding but it’s sure a lot cleaner.  Tomorrow I will get the moldy LP lot tank.  Then I will do the RV from top to bottom especially the top.  Maybe the wheels will get a little moe shine (yes moe shine) to them.

See Ya…………….

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