Friday, April 2, 2010

Customer Relations On A Friday

Today was a pretty good dog on day.  Blue Ox called me today and they wanted to bend over backwards to help fix our Blue Ox True Center steering device.  Maybe it’s good customer service. Or, maybe it’s I sent the VP an email explaining the poor customer service I had the last several weeks. Or, maybe they realized that I give seminars on RV driving and usually speak very highly of their product.  It must be just good ole customer service is what I like to think.

The barn builders where here early and put in a real good 8 hours of labor today.  Maybe it’s because the owner of the company was here and literally sat down in a chair and watched them most of the day.  Or maybe they just wanted to work hard and earn a day’s pay. They will be back tomorrow to finish up.  I say only if they put in another real day’s labor for the paying customer.  Maybe it’s just good work ethics.

Went to the bank again.  They all know us now and say “Hi” when we come in.  It’s funny because you think of a bank being very prim, proper and quite.  When we walk in it’s like party time and they wave and say “Hi” kinda loud.  Or is that us doing that.  It brings smiles to all and “looks” from other customers.  Maybe it’s just good customer relations.

We went to the food market also.  They were out of shopping carts.  I went in and announced to god and country that they were out.  Wow, they announced on the loud speaker that so and so and so and so was needed immediately to go and collect them.  Then another 1 or 2 employees headed for the lot to collect them also.  It was like they really were concerned that a customer made a point and they wanted to fix it immediately.  No excuses, no time delay, just good ole concern about fixing something that was over looked.  Wow, a customer complained and the problem was resolved immediately. 

It gets even better.  The Lincoln Mercury dealer returned my call and said they would arrange to have the new door ding in our brand new car repaired at their facility next week at our convenience – no cost.

I then went to the Escapees mail service window to pick up our mail.  They ALWAYS give polite and quick service.  We got a check refund from an insurance policy that we cancelled only a few days ago.  That is customer service…….

WOW, is the world changing to help the customer or?


See Ya…………

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