Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Day At Betty’s RV Park

This is RB’s and Nancy 3 dogs.  They think they are cats and get on the dash.  One of these things would be to much for us.  We'll stick with the cats… DSC_0001

Before we leave Rayne we went here to have breakfast.  Pretty good breakfast but they were ever so  s l o w  in bringing the food.  They were so slow that Carol & I got to talk about our adventures of traveling to Alaska.  RB, Nancy and Mark head back to Livingston and we head for Abbeville, LA a whooping 30 miles away.DSC_0004

We arrive at Betty’s and of course there is only one greeter “Betty”.  This is her and why people come here to her little tidy park (Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA).  To say she’s a “hoot” would be by far an under statement.  Her hair is shiny red and her laughter is always in the air.  She parks everybody even if you are the RV Driving School.DSC_0006

TS and Harrell were here when we arrived.  Molly and Bob arrived shortly after we did.  We went down to the river and bought 12 lbs of medium-large shrimp for $30.  We bought them right off the boat.  Here the girls are starting to clean them.DSC_0010

TS really enjoys cleaning them.  Nice gloves.DSC_0011

Look out, Molly cleans them with a knife.DSC_0015

This is Betty’s meeting area.  Everyday at 4:30 it’s a gathering.DSC_0018

It’s not a big park maybe 15 sites.DSC_0019

RVers are permitted to do their own art work both outside and inside the park. It’s starting to get a character of it’s own.DSC_0020

Just a small collection of “stuff” that is abound at Betty’s.DSC_0023

Build it and they will come…….DSC_0024

We had dinner over at TS and Harrell’s with Molly and Bob.  TS made Tucson Soup or was it Yuma Soup or one of those AZ town soups.  It was really good.  Then we finished the evening with Blue Bell ice cream, fudge and chocolate cake. Carol was in heaven because she loves that stuff.

Tomorrow I get to introduce my smoked pulled pork to the fellow RVers and Betty.  I should be able to feed about 20 or so people.

See Ya………..

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