Saturday, April 3, 2010

What’s A Mariner

First here’s Carol and her garden with the cat.DSC_0072

Here’s mine with the skunk.  She takes care of mine too.DSC_0073

Here is a Mariner.  Size wise it’s pretty close to the Honda CR-V.  Weight is about 3,600 lbs for this the Hybrid.DSC_0074

It’s a little tight to get into the back back I don’t ride back there.DSC_0075

Yes, independent DVD players with wireless headsets and remotes. Maybe I will ride back here.DSC_0076

Plenty of storage area back here.DSC_0077

We went with Demco tow “stuff” vice Blue Ox which I’m experiencing bad service with at the time.  I like how they hide the base plate and have covers for the things that stick out.DSC_0078

The side mirrors have convex mirrors which are well over due.  Nice safety gizmo.DSC_0079

The front dash area has a bunch of voice activated systems such as navigation/mapping, back up camera/Sirius radio, phone system, plus it has a USB port, 110V outlet, IPod plug, 12V socket, dual AC’s (him/her), heated seats, ambiance lighting (about 6 controlled different interior colors), Hybrid monitoring system, and few other “things”. It has more do dads that our motorhome by a long shot.  Get this – it can parallel park itself – really.DSC_0081



Here’s Wayne and Beth enjoying the company of their neighbors.  Carol & I took turns visiting.  They couldn’t handle us together.DSC_0087

Yes this is a electrical box in the mobile.  Why is it apart?  Because on the hottest day so far (82) the AC decided not to work.  Wayne came over and agreed with my findings – it isn’t working. DSC_0088

He said it’s in the unit.  So, it will have to go on my list for Monday along with the bank, car dealer, lawyer and Blue Ox.DSC_0091

The barn building was the typical slow today because the boss man wasn’t here.  Look’s like maybe Monday for a completion.  That’s past the promised last Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday at the latest and now Saturday has passed and now they say Monday.  They’re quality of work is depreciating with time.  It’s becoming sad…..  Hey it looks good from a far……

See Ya………..

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