Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signs & Things To Be

Today was an uneventful day compared to the last few days (weeks).  Had the rear window sign made for the new car plus magnetic signs for the side door panels.  They look very professional and cool.  Pictures to follow at a late date.

Thomas Flores, owner of Flores Construction, and the sales manager of a local construction supply company, came to look at the chicken coup (storage mini barn) that has been worked on by less than professionals.  The out come was it was screwed up and it would be repaired and brought up to standard by a independent contractor that the supply company  would recommend. Flores agreed to what ever it would take to make this mini barn usable, safe and presentable.  They will start work the day after we return from our short trip the 26th of April.  Time will tell for sure.  It sounds good so far.

I power washed the roof of the RV with the new and stronger 3000 PSI Troy-Bilt power washer.  It turned out pretty good.  Then I power washed the RV itself with poor results.  Then the kids helped me hand wash/dry the rig and it came out looking real good.  I couldn’t get them to shine my wheels or to wax the rig.

Tomorrow is the 14th and it’s time again to do taxes.  Hey, what can I say besides that I have been a little busy the last two weeks or so.  Yes, doing them now is normal for me but not Carol.  She usually starts reminding me about November.  We don’t get refunds so I just can’t see giving any money to this federal government until required to.  It’s that simple.  I also have to go to Mom Hill’s nursing home and pay them; prepare and fax documents to the lawyer; deliver a couple of thousand brochures to the Escapees Hq; go to the bank; get a haircut; ensure the new car cover fits properly for towing the next day; clean the bugs off the RV windshield; remove items from the porch into the sheds;  then prepare for a cook out for dinner.  I’m tired just from typing this.

Wow, it’s 4 AM and time to get started or I won’t get it all done.

See Ya…

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