Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Active Day

We started out here at Tabasco.DSC_0019

Tourists were everywhere taking pictures of important stuff.DSC_0020

Like barrels????




Yea, send the green stuff to Russia…DSC_0011 

Then it was lunch time at a local dive I mean restaurant with atmosphere.  DSC_0024



Molly never seen a Jackolope before so she wanted her picture taken with one.  DSC_0029

  After lunch it was snack time at a famous bakery. I guess it was famous because it was still in business.DSC_0033





The women got their sweets so they were happy which meant the men were now happy.DSC_0040

Sure why not.       Jeanerette is famous for it’s sugar daddys I mean the sugar industry.DSC_0044

I found other things in this museum of sugar.  It was a full of interesting things. I think this guy was mayor back in the 1800’s.  No dental plans back then.DSC_0047

Here kitty kitty…….DSC_0049

“Carol that is not a cat!”DSC_0050

Here people are getting educamkated….DSC_0054

No Tommie Sue, not now………..during Mardi Gras…DSC_0066

Retired sugar cane pluckers..DSC_0057

We were traveling down the road and stopped to take pictures of a southern home.  Much to our surprise we got invited in and it turned out to be this world well known artist Hunt Slonem.DSC_0072

This was his friend/caretaker/partner? He gave a brief history of the home and of Hunt Slonem.DSC_0068  DSC_0071 


Then inside Mr. Slonem gave us a personal tour.  He’s in the yellow shirt.  He was pretty cool for being a multi millionaire and high in the social lifestyle of art.  He had pictures of him with famous people who have purchased his oil paintings.  We got a viewing of his art. More of a abstract type work I would say. DSC_0073

Looking out his back porch DSC_0076

Molly gained a new acquaintance as we all did.DSC_0077


And then back at Betty’s it was time to eat again.  I broke out some of my smoked pulled pork and it went over pretty good.DSC_0083

Molly really wanted to know if it was time to take a break from eating all day.DSC_0084

Tommie Sue was asking Betty if she could show her beads to everybody after dinner.  Harrell was waiting for an answer. DSC_0085

Tomorrow is the swamp tour and eating more…poor Molly..

See Ya…….

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