Monday, April 12, 2010

The “Look”

I took the 2600 PSI pressure washer back to Lowe’s and got a 3000 PSI.  Hey, I want it to do the job.  It’s a guy thing, ask any guy………

Here I am teaching my daughter how to use the pressure washer and I got “the look”.  As parents we all have gotten “the look”.DSC_0018

Here she is having fun killing part of a bird bath.DSC_0019

Now I have gone up on the porch to sip a beer in the shade while she has fun (work).  Tomorrow the RV? I feel like Tom Sawyer – ain’t it great!DSC_0014

The workers on the shed were told by their boss, Thomas Flores, that they are done on the shed.  To call it shabby work would be giving it credit.  I think this will end up in court and me trashing Flores Construction as much as I can here in Rainbow’s End Park.


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