Thursday, April 15, 2010

Willie’s Back

On the road again, it’s nice to be on the road again. and even Carol said it was nice to return to our lifestyle.  You just have to love it and we do.

During our light check before we departed we had a little snag.  The rear tail lights of the new car wouldn’t go out.  After some thought I realized that the car had a full front cover on it covering the headlights.  Thus the headlights were in the dark and they came on automatically in the dark.  I had to figure out how to over ride this new technology and did so. So we left.  We met up with Mark Nemeth and went on down the road.  It was really nice back on the road.  Further down the road we stopped and waited for RB & Nancy Brinton.  When they arrived we had a quick lunch and headed down the road.  It was great the three RVs traveling together.  Mark was leading the way.  In Beaumont, TX traffic came to a stop on the interstate.  A major accident was about 3 miles ahead of us.  I turned on the GPS and took the lead once it decided how we could avoid the standstill.  I was a hero for day.  During this avoidance we ran into an officer directing traffic at an intersection.  The lights were working but the police officer was in control using his good sense at the time depending on the traffic flow. Well, the light was red and he waived the tractor trailer (stopped at the time) ahead me thru and I attempted to follow.  The “PIG” turned and walked away taking his orange vest off about the time I entered the intersection.  He should have ensure traffic was moving properly with the lights instead of walking away.  Especially waving them them a red light. On coming cross traffic almost clobbered us and I had to do a panic stop.  The dog and cats went everywhere.  A car swerved and just missed us by a foot or so.  I blew  those Hadley Air Horns at that cop and he just turned around and looked and just went on to his car.  This is the kind of cop that gives the police profession a bad reputation.  He didn’t have a clue due to lack of training or common sense or he just didn’t care. I call it STUPID!

We arrive at Rayne, LA after about a 180 mile drive.  We are at the Cruzan Cajun Rally, yea.  We were told there will be about 200 rigs at this rally.  Now that’s a chapter rally.  Free food except today to include crawfish and free beer and wine.  Of course upon our arrival we got a big scoop of Jambalaya and a very cold Coors beer.  These people know how to treat you when their members arrive.

Our new car – the battery was very dead and wouldn’t start.  Here’s another start of a story of what should be but isn’t.  Anyhow, a hot shot and our little crowd went to Fezzo’s down the road for dinner and they have some of the best tasting Cajun food around.  Wow, it was great.  Breakfasts are free too..

Pictures tomorrow…Today I was to busy enjoying the road, the arrival and dinner with friends…….

See Ya………………..

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