Friday, April 16, 2010

Rayne = Frogs, Food & Friends


Shiny wheels are back…DSC_0001 Line them up roll em out…DSC_0002

RV’s everywhere like any rally.DSC_0003

Frogs are everywhere too….DSC_0005 

Crawfish farm getting readyDSC_0013

Add waterDSC_0008

Add trapsDSC_0011

Traps are in less than a foot of water just waiting for the crawfish to run into.  Just like crabbing.DSC_0012

Frogs are everywhere..DSC_0015



Even a few turtles around..Hey, turtle soup anyone?DSC_0017

Is this a happy “RB” or what.  He’s getting ready to dive into shrimp gumbo.  He finished about 1/3 of it. DSC_0019

This was my fried crawfish Po Boy (sub). Nothing was left of this bad boy.DSC_0020

Mark is a rice & beans man because he is single and it’s OK to eat beans. Carol is having a grilled shrimp veggie salad. 

DSC_0021 DSC_0022 

We are happy campers. DSC_0027

These two women must be waiting for night fall.  DSC_0029

Tomorrow (Sat) is the crawfish cookout.  Last year they cooked about 2,800 lbs, yes 2,800 lbs of crawfish.  Now that’s a cook out.

See Ya…………..

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