Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Well, the construction workers didn’t show Tuesday, nor Wednesday.  I was hot.  It would not have been a good time to write anything in the blog due to my own censorship.  They are back at work Thursday minus one – the crew leader. I think the worker bees work ethics are a lot better or they want some more Italian hamburgers.

This blue tarp area now  …..DSC_0069

looks like this.DSC_0001 

And this borrowed hog wagon with our “stuff”…..DSC_0071

looks like this….DSC_0003

which makes this, look like this…she cuts the lawn but I can’t get her to wash or wax the RV. It don’t figure…….DSC_0007


Most everything is in the chicken coup either upstairs or down.  Still have “stuff” on the porch and inside the mobile.DSC_0004

I washed both cars Wednesday. It poured that night.  So the next morning I washed and dried them both again.  Bruce flew down from MI to pick up our little Honda Element.  It found a new home behind a Prevost.  I am sure it will be happy behind that.  It will me missed but not forgotten – a great little fun car. We’re glad it went to a fellow RVer than some old car dealer that doesn't even know how to spell RV.DSC_0006

See all this crap on the ground in front of the chicken coup.  I got tired of walking around it especially when there were no workers.  So I moved it all piece by piece and it took about two hours.  I work slow but constant. DSC_0002 

Just a few feet out of OUR way……DSC_0008

Now isn’t that better……DSC_0010

Patches the cat wants to know why the dog is on her couch.DSC_0017

How would you like to wake up in the middle of the night to this………….DSC_0018

See Ya…………..

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