Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Bad Adventure Today

Got in a knock down yelling argument with the contractor.  I basically had to let him do it his cheap looking way or he was going to walk off the paid in full job.  No sense going into the details. 

Drove 80 miles one way to see the lawyers handling Mom Hill’s trust – nothing good there for sure.

Went to the bank – before and after the lawyers.  I had to set up two new accounts and another one for later on.

Carol did fix Mom Hill’s new TV by reading the instructions and following them.  She wanted us to take it back because the remote didn’t work.

Can’t say anything really good about today other than the thought that we are leaving in two weeks.  We are starting to have more flashbacks of our prior lives and the hustle bustle of it.  It just makes us appreciate the laid back atmosphere of full timing that we are starting to miss.

See Ya……………

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