Friday, March 19, 2010

It’s A Hold Up


In downtown Livingston a building started to shift so they built supports to stop it – yep, it’s a real hold up.DSC_0073


Speaking of hold up – Medicaid what a FRIGGIN hold up.  We went to a Medicaid specialist attorney today.  We are now over $22K indebted to Medicaid – money gone and not will spent.  All of our savings have to go into a trust until Mom Hill passes. And get this – we HAVE to buy a new car or Medicaid will get that money too! What the hell is wrong with this picture. No ands or buts about it – Medicaid – what a rip! I suggest if you have a love one that might have to go into Medicaid in about the 5 years + maybe – CHECK IT OUT NOW before the five years. If not, you will know the prone position we are in right now because we didn’t. Screwed by our current medical system that greedy politicians and big business set up.

I am sorry that I put this on what was a fun blog but not for what I am saying.  Just exercising my right of freedom of speech at the moment.  We need to exercise our right of freedom of movement real soon also.  It’s harder for them to rear end us when we are moving – smile……

See Ya……..

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