Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Busy Today

Today was probably our busiest day this week. I won’t bore you with too many details.

Here’s Mom Hill’s trailer setting over at CARE.  I got it just about ready to move.  If anybody wants it cheap –way below the $17K Blue Book value - call me NOW!!!!    In front of her trailer was a 8’ X 16’ porch.  I had it moved over to our lot.DSC_0063-1

It’s amazing what 6 Mexicans and a pick up can do.  If I hadn’t seen it I would not have believed it.  I was so amazed I forgot to get a picture.  I think I forgot to tell them to attach it to the porch also. Tomorrow is another day for sure.DSC_0067

I think it’s going to be a pretty nice add on.DSC_0061-1 

The slab is done. Of course it rained hard last night.DSC_0062-1  

OK, I think I can remember most everything. Met with the contractor (2) at 7AM. Moved the porch, talked with  Poliseek Insurance, talked with Tiffin, talked with GEICO, went to State Farm Insurance, moved Mom’s giant heavy chair out of her trailer, met with funeral director, talked with PPL motorhomes (selling mom’s trailer), got Mom’s trailer ready to move, moved her stuff over to our porch, sold her scooter, emptied out and got the CR-V ready to sell to dealer, then it was lunch time.  Then we did a few other things I can’t remember and left for Houston. Yes, we got their to Houston in the smack middle of rush hour. Got to the car dealer and of course the new car wasn’t picked up from the RV dealer yet. So we waited around for an hour. The car arrives and they said they had to clean it up. Now we are a little tired and getting anxious. They bring the car around and it’s looking good.  Then I go over my check list and they forgot to add some expensive dealer options and I’m still holding my cool.  They are now running around to get these last minute items. Boy, their attitude wasn’t quite as good as when we were buying the damn thing. Now, bottom line we are missing the floor mats and all the owner’s manuals. They gave us some hard to believe story and will mail them real soon.  We start to leave and the inside windows were filthy. I went inside to the sales manager and explained to him that some one was going to have to clean all the NEW friggin car windows before I leave. He could tell I was starting to loose my cool.  He came out and he looked and appeared to be very embarrassed and rightfully so. Now I got two guys cleaning windows and even wiping those shiny wheels and the entire car.  It’s really hard to believe the delivery of this car and I had to tell them what they neglected to do.  They sucked at this end of the deal……..

Anyhow, we stopped at the Red Lobster to soak our sorrows about the poor delivery process.  Yes, the car itself is great.  It’s got a lot of buttons and do dads and we wish we had a book to tell us how to use them. We just pushed buttons as we drove the 90 miles back to Livingston.  Carol really LOVES the heated seats. The computer said it was getting 38 MPG on the way home. We got the Navigation system figured out. I might have drove home half way with out headlights though. It hasn’t rained so I will figure the wipers out then. I figured out the green side (hybrid) side of the car too. Below 45 MPH it runs on electric if you use the gas peddle ever so lightly. The gas engine itself is a little noisy.

We got back to Livingston about 9:30 or 10":30 PM, I forgot which.  It was an active day for sure.  Friday and Saturday will be pretty active also.

So, see ya………yes, pictures of the car to follow.

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