Friday, March 12, 2010

750 miles, Bird, Pie & Those Shiny Wheels

I left Yuma this morning very early. It’s now 11 PM local, 750 miles later and I am in Balmoreha, TX.  I’m in a large lot behind a gas station.  It’s an OK place to park only one other truck about 50 yards away.


All sorts of scenery today.DSC_0283



This is it!!!!!DSC_0291

Now that’s a pie………DSC_0295

Location….It’s a paved lot with large RV parking for a few. Never seems to be crowded.DSC_0297

This is next door to Stout’sDSC_0300

Yes folks, they are back – shiny wheels..  Hey, $5 bucks a wheel in Eloy, AZ (I-10) across from the Love’s fuel stop. Now when I get back to Texas I will use a drill buffer to clean then polish/wax for that glass look.




A hole in the ground next to Stout’s.  Maybe that’s where they grow those special apples!DSC_0302

I have never been up close with this bird – maybe other birds $(^$^^(*()((_*_%#.DSC_0307

This thing has all sorts of real junk in it.  DSC_0308

Now that’s uglier than my butt…DSC_0309



It’s legs looked like Dennis Swan’s – real white..DSC_0314


One more time…DSC_0317

Looking down at Las Cruses from the bird.DSC_0316

See ya…………………..

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