Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting Ready

It’s get ready day.  We do like a lot of RVers do.  If we stay somewhere for any length of time you have to get ready to move.  I wash the car, RV and shine my wheels if isn’t going to rain on departure day.  Plus this time Carol is moving out from the RV to the mobile. I think she took everything – what does that mean?

Car wash..Here in Livingston this is a $3 car wash and it’s pretty good and doesn’t beat the car up. I still wash it again real quick back at the lot.DSC_0001-1

Then I went over to Wal-mart for my $55 oil change using Mobil One synthetic 5W20.  They are pretty quick and I have used Wal-marts for oil changes for a decade with minimal problems.  They also do gas RVs if they can fit in the bays.  A lot of RVers don’t know that.DSC_0002-1


Back at the RV I hooked up the car for tomorrows departure.  Jerry Dale, Blue Ox rep, helped with an extra plug adapter.  I had already switch the RV plugs  to be hooked up to the other Honda.  Now everything works again.  I touched up the wash job and even decided to put the front cover on. Looking good…DSC_0003-1

Then I put a driver behind the wheel.  All tow behinds need a driver.DSC_0004-1

I had already washed the RV earlier today. Looking good…. It was in the high 50s and sunny – great. I used a new car wash by McQquires (sp).  It seems to work pretty good.  I usually use Turtle Zip Wash.  I spent about 10 minutes shinning each wheel. That was just a touch up.  I didn’t want to blind anybody on the way to Yuma.DSC_0005-1

Well, it’s 11PM now and this was my last task for the day.  We even took Mom Hill out to dinner to Texas Pepper.  It’s a favorite by most locals.  Today was a very tiring day – time for the Ibuprofen….

Now  -  - - - Ready roll tomorrow

See Ya………….

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