Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Monday

The stage is set….DSC_0002

The vendors are ready…..DSC_0007

Everything is on an even keel – well, almost…DSC_0004


The jets and planes did a fly over  -  often.DSC_0009


Then out of the light came a figure of a man  -  all is ready.  Let the fun begin..DSC_0032

Open all the doors here they come..DSC_0041

People were amazed.  Good thing they’re aren’t many flies around..DSC_0048

Many pretty and happy women spending money.DSC_0056

There were no eateries so some had to nibble on the stains from last night dinner.DSC_0057

And then they all came togetherDSC_0060

Happy people…DSC_0063

Announcements - DSC_0069

Blankets/quilts (?) to support our troops. Is their someone behind that one on the left.  what;s that sticking out the top of it?  It looks like a baby butt.DSC_0074

Vendors lined up to tell about their one of a kind products.DSC_0083

This very young Marine from the Public Affairs office cam over and gave an outstanding brief on the Marine Corps Air Base here across the street. DSC_0104

They stood up for what he stood for – our sons & daughters in the militaryDSC_0103

Everyday is a dog day for this man.DSC_0110


David was damn GOOD.  He would be real good at an Escapade – how about it?DSC_0117


Alot of smiles when David was entertaining.DSC_0130

  People watched and listened to David entertain.DSC_0132

Some wished it was race day…DSC_0137

And some had memories of days gone by and future days to come.DSC_0136


One person had good taste..DSC_0144 

Art was on the look out and enjoying his job.DSC_0147 

Wow, the RV Driving School was even here – or at least their booth was.


The woman looks good to me about now….DSC_0149 

I think Nick is saying it’s been a long day.DSC_0150

With that – good bye….

See Ya……….

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