Monday, March 22, 2010

Chow Down Hogs

When RVers come to Livingston they usually end up eating at Catfish Kings and Texas Pepper. They are excellent eateries and have their own atmosphere.  Then the lucky people find Florida's.  Whoa, baby back ribs, fired catfish – man it is good ole grandma’s southern cooking.  Then there are a few other places.  One being the Courthouse Whistle Shop Cafe.  It’s across the street from the courthouse – duh…You can get two eggs, taters, crisp bacon, toast and coffee for about 5 bucks.  The ma pa atmosphere is great. A real nice little odds & ends, old stuff, store next door, not junk just old “stuff”.DSC_0062

Then on the outskirts of west Livingston is Buster McNutty’s place.  Visitors usually don’t drive out this far and therefore it’s easily over looked.  It’s a western Texas restaurant & bar.  It’s OK for non Texans to eat here. DSC_0080

They got a dance floor over on the other side.DSC_0067 

Hats on the wall.DSC_0071


Dear heads on the wallDSC_0073

Bears in corners. Yes that is a camera next to it’s nose.DSC_0076

Texans are proud of their state and show it by displaying their flag.DSC_0077

They believe the Duke’s spirit is still here in Texas.DSC_0072


Then you got the owner and the chef. I will let you figure who’s who.DSC_0079

They got steak, shrimp, steaks, fried okra, steak, real burgers, steak, taters and gravy, steaks, beer, steaks, crawfish and oh yea they got good steaks too.DSC_0070

Great, I made myself hungry and everything is closed. Now I have to go find something to eat…

See Ya.




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