Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Another Day Gone By - Shot

At 5:30 AM I’m sticking a turkey in the smoker.  I wonder who the real poo bird is at this time.  At 6AM we pull out in a borrowed truck, a borrowed hitch and Mom’s trailer attached. I feel like we are going to West Virginia. I ‘m not really thinking how dumb this is at the time.  I just want to “getter her done.”  Two hours later we are setting in south Houston at PPL Motorhomes with a trailer. What’s wrong with that picture of being at a motorhome dealer with a pull behind trailer to sell.  This place is huge…


I’ve talked to them over the phone so I had an idea how we were going to be raked over the coals – I mean how the transaction was going to work.  So, when the doors opened we walked in backwards bent over.  About two hours later we left without the trailer and a lot less Vaseline.  Bottom line, we made the choice to do the deal.  I even got slap happy and starting cutting up with jokes and had them really laughing.  Of course they were laughing on the way to the bank with my money. Even though we were hog tied and tortured it was our choice like I said.  PPL is a good outfit to buy or sell a RV.  Their RV parts store was better than Camping World.  We were so poor after the deal we couldn’t even buy an outside light sensor.  In other words I forgot..

We get back to Livingston.  We cleaned the lot at CARE where Mom Hill’s trailer was at, returned the borrowed hitch and the borrowed truck.  I was going over the new car tow bar and realized a major part was missing. Called the RV dealer and it will be Fedex overnight Monday. Then the car dealer called and said they found the owners manual but hadn’t gotten the cargo mat for the car yet. I asked them when they get it to Fedex and he agreed.  We also got the new car tow cover from coastline. It will have to wiat to be checked out.

Now the turkey is done and Bill Joyce and Diane Melde arrive for smoked turkey dinner.  Shortly there after Jon and Sue Glick came over for dinner too.  We all fixed the world problems and shared our adventures of both past and future plans.  It was great.  Now these people are computer geeks.  I need my computer “fixed” but time ran short and it will have to wait for another time down the road. Time, time, time – seems like that word is coming up a lot the last few weeks.  Anyhow, them being geeks they really wanted to get into my computer and I wanted them to but my head kept falling into the turkey while I was eating.  We were burnt more than the turkey.  I slept solid from 9PM to 5AM which is VERY rare for me. Maybe it had something to do with the beer and pills.

The mini barn is coming along. The first floor is framed and the flooring is down for the second floor.  Yes, that’s right people, it’s a two story shed and a car can driven into the first floor.  Carol says it can also be my dog house.  Hey, that’s fine with me..where’s the remote?

Hey the sun is up so gotta go check on my “stuff” like a pack rat.

Pictures tomorrow…see ya……

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