Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etched In Stone – real soon

Here’s what the day started out like – quite.DSC_0070

Then things were rockin and rollin.DSC_0060-1


Here comes the beef. The slab took two of these babies.DSC_0063-1


This ought to be good for my sewer, LP and water lines within less than three feet.DSC_0064-1


Modern technology. The driver is working a little switch box to operate everything as he stands there. It’s probably an old converted Atari game.DSC_0066-1


Looks like government employees. Normally these guys are busy bees. A well deserved break between heavy work.DSC_0067-1


Nice legs*&^%^((*&%#$@$%&.  These guys must have gotten their boots from Dennis Swan. He wears those things when he washes his rig every three years even if it doesn't need it.DSC_0068-1


Wayne Roberts is over there waiting for the moon to rise.DSC_0069-1 

Then it started to rain.  The workers threw plastic over the wet cement and waited.  It stopped and they continued to finish up.  These boys are good.

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